Tweeting Students Earn Higher Grades

students get higer grades with twitterTwitter has entered a number of college lecture halls and shows promise of encouraging higher student grades.  In an experiment conducted at a medium-sized college, results showed that the students who interacted with their professor and the course content via Twitter scored higher grades than those who did not use the tool.

By the semester’s end, grade point averages of the tweeters were, on average, half a point higher than their nontweeting counterparts. In a 19-question student-engagement survey given over the course of the semester, using parameters such as how often students contributed to classroom discussion and interacted with their professor about course material, Twitter users scored higher than non-Twitter users. Read more of this post


Good Reasons for Teachers to get Masters Degrees

With the way the political climate is today it is difficult to imagine a time when professionals made the decision to enter the field of education. While teachers unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and around the country are fighting for their lives it can be hard to imagine what a teaching career will look like five or ten years from now. Despite the difficult times teachers are currently going through it can still be important for educators to consider their careers through long term thinking, and to work towards getting a Masters Degree. There are still a number of reasons to get a Masters Degree including the following. Read more of this post

Teachers Facing Scorn

What has amazed me for some time is that non-union people think that the answer is to make teachers and other union employees have to live with the same conditions that they live with. That bringing down unions is the fair thing to do. It seems to me that these people ought to be in the streets demanding that they should be treated better. After all that is how unions made the 40 hour work week possible, paid vacation, retirement, and the rest most take for granted. Once unions won those things non-union companies to get good employees had to offer the same things. Why is that not happening now I wonder.
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Teachers wonder, why the scorn?

Cushy jobs? Glorified baby sitters? Educators see their value to society under attack

The jabs Erin Parker has heard about her job have stunned her. Oh you pathetic teachers, read the online comments and placards of counterdemonstrators. You are glorified baby sitters who leave work at 3 p.m. You deserve minimum wage.

Ms. Parker, a second-year teacher making $36,000, fears that under the proposed legislation class sizes would rise and higher contributions to her benefits would knock her out of the middle class.
“I love teaching, but I have $26,000 of student debt,” she said. “I’m 30 years old, and I can’t save up enough for a down payment” for a house. Nor does she own a car. She is making plans to move to Colorado, where she could afford to keep teaching by living with her parents.

John Stewart – Teachers are the Problem

As Mr. Stewart describes – teachers are obviously the problem with the economy in America. The thing about America is that we are happiest when there is an easy target to blame for all the ills of society.

Considering Getting a Masters Degree?

You know as a teacher helping students and their parents prepare for the future is what excites you each day. With today’s economy and the push to get more from teachers with less resources may be leaving you with questions about what to do to prepare for this future. Consider getting a Master’s Degree to help prepare for a more competitive working environment that is coming in the next few years. if you have ever considered getting a Master’s Degree now could be an ideal time to get started.

According to the Separation of Degrees report from the Center for American Progress, a master’s degree can bump your salary up to $10,777 versus a bachelor’s alone. By having your Master’s in Education, you may also benefit from these advantages:

  • Maintain your teaching certification
  • Prepare to meet new federal guidelines as a “highly qualified” teacher
  • Gain the skills to pursue other teaching specialties
  • Refresh your skills
  • Develop new teaching tools
  • Improve your students’ learning outcomes
  • Distinguish yourself with impressive credentials

In addition to these obvious advantages there is also the ability to beat out cometition as the teaching profession becomes a more competitive environment in which to find work. Do not be afraid of the future. make decisions today that will prepare you for it.