Teachers Fighting False Perceptions

History of Teachers StrikingOver the last few weeks I continue to have the same thought. Teachers if they are going to ever get the respect they deserve are going to have to get pro-active in changing the public’s view of them and the work they do. My original thought was that a national leader would have to emerge that would coordinate nationwide teacher strikes so that communities could learn what would happen if people stopped deciding to be teachers. Then this morning I came across a story out of Livonia. It is reported that teachers there decided to hold a “grade in” sort of event at a local mall. The purpose of this event was to demonstrate to the public that a teacher’s work day does not end at 3 PM. Read more of this post


Teachers in Nevada Protest Cuts

In Carson City Nevada teachers, students and education advocates rallied Monday against deep spending cuts and education reforms outlined in Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s $5.8 billion proposed budget. A crowd estimated at 250, most of them teachers, demonstrated outside the legislative building in support of more money for public schools. On the steps of the legislative building, teachers and parents protested Sandoval’s plan to hold general fund spending to $5.8 billion for 2011-13, cutting hundreds of millions in state support for K-12 education. Sandoval and the Republicans appear determined to stick together to block any Democratic moves to raise taxes, which require a two-thirds majority vote. Read more of this post

Will Obama Improve No Child Left Behind?

Over the last few years there has been hundreds of discussions among educators concerning the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Law. The one size fits all law has had its share of detractors. It will be interesting to see if there is any way for compromise legislation to make it through these days.
clipped from www.bloomberg.com

Obama to Reiterate His Call to Overhaul Bush’s `No Child Left Behind’ Law
President Barack Obama will
reiterate today at a school in Virginia his call to overhaul the
sweeping education legislation enacted by his predecessor.
Obama wants to replace former President George W. Bush’s
“No Child Left Behind” with a new plan for tracking student
progress and teacher training.
“We need to fix this law now,” Arne Duncan, the secretary
of the Department of Education, told reporters on a conference
call yesterday. “We want to create a new law that is fair,
flexible and focused on the schools and students most at risk.”
Duncan said current legislation is too punitive and “one-
size-fits-all,” and that new legislation is needed to provide
proper incentive to schools and teachers to prepare students for
college and careers.
Obama is involved in a series of speeches around the
country concerning the importance of education in assisting the U.S. economy to compete with other nations.