Low Teacher Salaries have a High Cost

I caught an interesting article in the New York Times discussing what the cost of paying teachers low salaries will end up costing us. I think that it is pretty much common knowledge that there are a number of areas in which if you pay a little now it can save you from have to pay more later. The best example is making sure to have oil changes in your car on a regular basis. For the $20 that it cost every few months for an oil change you can save the $1000 or more it will cost later to have your entire engine re-built.

Some interesting quotes from the article include: Read more of this post


Teachers Fighting False Perceptions

History of Teachers StrikingOver the last few weeks I continue to have the same thought. Teachers if they are going to ever get the respect they deserve are going to have to get pro-active in changing the public’s view of them and the work they do. My original thought was that a national leader would have to emerge that would coordinate nationwide teacher strikes so that communities could learn what would happen if people stopped deciding to be teachers. Then this morning I came across a story out of Livonia. It is reported that teachers there decided to hold a “grade in” sort of event at a local mall. The purpose of this event was to demonstrate to the public that a teacher’s work day does not end at 3 PM. Read more of this post

Layoff Notices for Teachers in Detroit

School BusToday Detroit’s manager sent out layoff notices to 5,466 teachers. In addition 250 administrators are also being notified of lay offs as well.

The district is unlikely to eliminate all the teachers. Last year, it sent out 2,000 notices and only a fraction of employees were actually laid off. But the notices are required by the union’s current contract with the district. Any layoffs under this latest action won’t take effect until late July. No matter how many teachers lose their jobs this is just another example that many states are deciding that the budget issues should be corrected by eliminating resources for children.

It amazes me that so many people talk about how important the children are to us as  s society, and then we decide that the best place to cut budgets are in the services for children. Obviously teachers are over paid. Obviously teachers do not have to work hard. Everyone knows that teachers jobs is really just working like 5 hours a day and then they take off like 4 months a year. We don’t ask them to really try and it is their fault that the economy is in bad shape.

The other thing that is so confusing is that people who are not in unions are so anxious for the teachers unions to go away. They think that union workers get too many benefits and too much pay. How about instead of wanting other people getting less why don’t they collectively bargain better pay and benefits for their jobs?

Considering Getting a Masters Degree?

You know as a teacher helping students and their parents prepare for the future is what excites you each day. With today’s economy and the push to get more from teachers with less resources may be leaving you with questions about what to do to prepare for this future. Consider getting a Master’s Degree to help prepare for a more competitive working environment that is coming in the next few years. if you have ever considered getting a Master’s Degree now could be an ideal time to get started.

According to the Separation of Degrees report from the Center for American Progress, a master’s degree can bump your salary up to $10,777 versus a bachelor’s alone. By having your Master’s in Education, you may also benefit from these advantages:

  • Maintain your teaching certification
  • Prepare to meet new federal guidelines as a “highly qualified” teacher
  • Gain the skills to pursue other teaching specialties
  • Refresh your skills
  • Develop new teaching tools
  • Improve your students’ learning outcomes
  • Distinguish yourself with impressive credentials

In addition to these obvious advantages there is also the ability to beat out cometition as the teaching profession becomes a more competitive environment in which to find work. Do not be afraid of the future. make decisions today that will prepare you for it.