Online Ed Challenging Traditional Universities

Schools offering Masters Degrees Online like Scranton and even the larger schools like Duke over the next few years could challenge the way many people think of education.
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Does online education put traditional universities at a ‘grave risk’?

Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Prescription, delivered the keynote address to an audience of higher-education officials March 7 at the American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Christensen outlined the ways upstart, innovative businesses have toppled the giants of industry—such as Toyota’s rise coinciding with American automakers’ downfall—and how that model might translate to colleges and universities.
While online college classes have grown more available and affordable over the past decade, Christensen said a major shift had not yet occurred in higher education. Not until online learning grew in popularity was higher education even “amenable” to a major “disruption,” he said.

Online College Might Benefit Military Families

I think not just military, but any profession in which a person has a career that requires there to be moving from location to location on a regular basis could look to online education.
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Military Spouses May Benefit From Online College Degree
College degrees online are especially convenient for the spouses of military personnel and military members, because they never know when they will be transferred to another base. Medical careers and careers in education are great for military spouses, because they can typically use their skills in jobs around the world.
Fulfilling responsibilities to the family and work responsibilities can be difficult when being enrolled in an online school. However, it can be easier to manage taking the classes while traveling overseas. People who are thinking about entering medical professions can take their anatomy, math, and science courses online.
Some universities have branches overseas for face-to-face meetings. Although it is easy to enroll in distance education courses while in the United States, there may be some limitations as to the types of courses that are available when studying outside of the United States.

Looking at Masters in Curriculum & Instructions

A masters degree in curriculum & Instruction can lead to career paths both within the education field and outside.
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Success in today’s classroom is determined by your ability to connect, inspire and transform. Make your mark by earning a master’s in education degree online. Sure, you’ll gain greater prestige and a higher salary. But more importantly, you’ll strengthen your skills to shape minds and lives for years to come.
Master of Science: Curriculum and Instruction – Designed for teachers who want to enhance their instructional effectiveness and advance their careers, the Curriculum and Instruction degree consists of 12 required courses (36 credit hours), making it possible for you to finish the program in as little as 14 months. You’ll enhance your critical thinking abilities and develop new skills through collaborative discussion and practical exercises.

What You’ll Learn

  • Utilize technology for student learning and teacher tasks
  • Integrate, encourage and effectively respond to both special education and gifted students
  • Provide reading and language arts education in content areas
  • How MBA Programs Have Come a Long Way

    Some times it is nice to look at our past to see how we have gotten here. Masters Degrees are so much more complex, with so many options today and they started from such humble beginnings.
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    MBA Degree – MBA Education have come a long way
    Founded in 1900, the Truck School of Business at Dartmouth, US is the first graduate school of management. It was the first institution conferring advanced degrees (Master’s) in the commercial sciences, the forebearer of the modern MBA. Further, the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business (now the University of Chicago Booth School of Business) introduced the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme in 1940 for working professionals.
    The MBA degree may have come a long way since then in shape and form, But it is still considered one of the most coveted degrees. The focus of MBA education must shift in order to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace. Master of essential knowledge- functional skills such as accounting, strategy finance, marketing and leadership – remains valuable, but instead of being an end in itself, this knowledge must be a means to an end, laying the groundwork for the entrepreneurial mindset.

    Attractive Online Degree Programs

    Just some basic information regarding getting a degree through an online university.
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    What Makes An Online Degree Program So Attractive?
    Getting higher education at the convenience of your homes was not thought to be possible by people of older times. The internet facility has given us an approach to all those things that were thought to be impossible before. We can get quality education at our very door steps by online programs that many famous universities offer worldwide. These universities offer degree programs from bachelors to masters and even lead a student towards doctorate.
    Online university education proves to be highly effective for all those who are eager to get quality education at the convenience of their homes. The most attractive feature of online courses is that you do not need to attend classes too. The degrees offered by these universities are also very reliable and are acknowledged worldwide.

    Not Only Teachers Should Look at Online MBA Programs

    While this particular blog will post primarily on issues facing educators and teachers there are times when pointing out real options for other professionals to continue their education online will be highlighted.
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    Traditional MBA Degree Programs With a Variety of Specializations

    Earn a nationally respected MBA degree online from Florida Tech – a U.S. News & World Report-ranked Tier 1 Best National University. Choose from 10 industry-specific online MBA degrees or pursue your Master of Science in Information Technology.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA/Accounting
  • MBA/Accounting & Finance
  • MBA/Finance
  • MBA/Healthcare Management
  • MBA/Information Technology Management
  • MBA/Internet Marketing
  • MBA/Management
  • MBA/Marketing
  • MBA/Project Management
  • MS Information Technology
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