Good Reasons for Teachers to get Masters Degrees

With the way the political climate is today it is difficult to imagine a time when professionals made the decision to enter the field of education. While teachers unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and around the country are fighting for their lives it can be hard to imagine what a teaching career will look like five or ten years from now. Despite the difficult times teachers are currently going through it can still be important for educators to consider their careers through long term thinking, and to work towards getting a Masters Degree. There are still a number of reasons to get a Masters Degree including the following.

There is still going to be fields within education that require specialized training. Fields such as ESL (English as a Second language), special education, or working in the administration field are going to continue to be important positions that must be filled. Getting a masters degree with a specialization for administration, ESL, curriculum, or a number of other categories can improve not only a salary, but also the employability of an educator.

With all the pay cuts, benefit reductions, and harder working conditions teachers must find ways to improve their capability to demand pay increases in any way they can. In over half the states today teachers that have obtained a masters degree earn a higher salary than teachers with only a bachelors degree. Depending on which state a teacher is in this increase in salary will range from $1,000 to $10,000 per year. For most teachers below the age of fifty that means that this increase in pay will pay for itself.

For most people who enter the education field however do not make this career choice for the fantastic earning capabilities. Most want to be a positive impact on their communities and help the next generation become prepared for their lives. This is another reason for teachers to obtain a masters degree. The skills that are learned in masters programs will better prepare a teacher to pass along knowledge to their students. If a teacher gets a masters degree in curriculum or education the courses they take will not only provide additional specific knowledge regarding a specific subject, they will learn techniques in developing methods to better instruct their students.  Not only are students who require additional work because of learning disabilities there are also advanced students in which a better developed learning program can enhance their educational experience.

It can be easy to become cynical. Not only do teachers and other public employees have to fight the urge to just do enough to get by, so do professionals in all fields.  The middle class in this country has increased productivity consistently the last fifteen years, yet salaries have not kept up with the cost of living. Teachers should not let the current environment stop them from self improvement. Getting the additional education and training that a master’s program offers will increase job satisfaction even if there is not a large economical payoff at first. It could be argued that today as much or more than any other id a very good time for teachers to pursue the completion of a Masters Degree Program.


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