Teacher and Public Unions Have a Bad Day

Because of how laws have been set up over the last 30 years getting a union ratified is no easy task now. That is what makes the breaking of unions so important to conservatives. Teachers do not just bargain for vacations in the Caribbean, the color of their BMW’s, and all the other perks they get. They also bargain for different school programs such as the arts, sports, and other programs that benefit students. Yesterday was a bad day for students maybe even more than for teachers.
clipped from www.usnews.com

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and His Allies Drop All Pretenses
There’s a sports saying that comes up whenever a player signs a huge, multimillion dollar megadeal: When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money. A similar principle holds true in politics. When a politician says that something is just about the budget and not about grinding ideological axes, it’s really grinding ideological axes. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his allies on the right made that abundantly clear on Wednesday when the state legislature passed Walker’s “budget-repair bill” stripped of its budgetary pretenses leaving only its union-busting ideological nub.
How to break the impasse? Simple: Drop the pretense that this was about the budget. They stripped out all the actual fiscal items from the law and hastily passed a bill that simply went after the unions.
This was just the final step in removing any doubt about the true nature of this fight.

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