Online College Might Benefit Military Families

I think not just military, but any profession in which a person has a career that requires there to be moving from location to location on a regular basis could look to online education.
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Military Spouses May Benefit From Online College Degree
College degrees online are especially convenient for the spouses of military personnel and military members, because they never know when they will be transferred to another base. Medical careers and careers in education are great for military spouses, because they can typically use their skills in jobs around the world.
Fulfilling responsibilities to the family and work responsibilities can be difficult when being enrolled in an online school. However, it can be easier to manage taking the classes while traveling overseas. People who are thinking about entering medical professions can take their anatomy, math, and science courses online.
Some universities have branches overseas for face-to-face meetings. Although it is easy to enroll in distance education courses while in the United States, there may be some limitations as to the types of courses that are available when studying outside of the United States.

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