How MBA Programs Have Come a Long Way

Some times it is nice to look at our past to see how we have gotten here. Masters Degrees are so much more complex, with so many options today and they started from such humble beginnings.
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MBA Degree – MBA Education have come a long way
Founded in 1900, the Truck School of Business at Dartmouth, US is the first graduate school of management. It was the first institution conferring advanced degrees (Master’s) in the commercial sciences, the forebearer of the modern MBA. Further, the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business (now the University of Chicago Booth School of Business) introduced the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme in 1940 for working professionals.
The MBA degree may have come a long way since then in shape and form, But it is still considered one of the most coveted degrees. The focus of MBA education must shift in order to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace. Master of essential knowledge- functional skills such as accounting, strategy finance, marketing and leadership – remains valuable, but instead of being an end in itself, this knowledge must be a means to an end, laying the groundwork for the entrepreneurial mindset.

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