Considering Getting a Masters Degree?

You know as a teacher helping students and their parents prepare for the future is what excites you each day. With today’s economy and the push to get more from teachers with less resources may be leaving you with questions about what to do to prepare for this future. Consider getting a Master’s Degree to help prepare for a more competitive working environment that is coming in the next few years. if you have ever considered getting a Master’s Degree now could be an ideal time to get started.

According to the Separation of Degrees report from the Center for American Progress, a master’s degree can bump your salary up to $10,777 versus a bachelor’s alone. By having your Master’s in Education, you may also benefit from these advantages:

  • Maintain your teaching certification
  • Prepare to meet new federal guidelines as a “highly qualified” teacher
  • Gain the skills to pursue other teaching specialties
  • Refresh your skills
  • Develop new teaching tools
  • Improve your students’ learning outcomes
  • Distinguish yourself with impressive credentials

In addition to these obvious advantages there is also the ability to beat out cometition as the teaching profession becomes a more competitive environment in which to find work. Do not be afraid of the future. make decisions today that will prepare you for it.


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