Looking at Masters in Curriculum & Instructions

A masters degree in curriculum & Instruction can lead to career paths both within the education field and outside.
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Success in today’s classroom is determined by your ability to connect, inspire and transform. Make your mark by earning a master’s in education degree online. Sure, you’ll gain greater prestige and a higher salary. But more importantly, you’ll strengthen your skills to shape minds and lives for years to come.
Master of Science: Curriculum and Instruction – Designed for teachers who want to enhance their instructional effectiveness and advance their careers, the Curriculum and Instruction degree consists of 12 required courses (36 credit hours), making it possible for you to finish the program in as little as 14 months. You’ll enhance your critical thinking abilities and develop new skills through collaborative discussion and practical exercises.

What You’ll Learn

  • Utilize technology for student learning and teacher tasks
  • Integrate, encourage and effectively respond to both special education and gifted students
  • Provide reading and language arts education in content areas
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    How MBA Programs Have Come a Long Way

    Some times it is nice to look at our past to see how we have gotten here. Masters Degrees are so much more complex, with so many options today and they started from such humble beginnings.
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    MBA Degree – MBA Education have come a long way
    Founded in 1900, the Truck School of Business at Dartmouth, US is the first graduate school of management. It was the first institution conferring advanced degrees (Master’s) in the commercial sciences, the forebearer of the modern MBA. Further, the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business (now the University of Chicago Booth School of Business) introduced the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme in 1940 for working professionals.
    The MBA degree may have come a long way since then in shape and form, But it is still considered one of the most coveted degrees. The focus of MBA education must shift in order to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace. Master of essential knowledge- functional skills such as accounting, strategy finance, marketing and leadership – remains valuable, but instead of being an end in itself, this knowledge must be a means to an end, laying the groundwork for the entrepreneurial mindset.

    Attractive Online Degree Programs

    Just some basic information regarding getting a degree through an online university.
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    What Makes An Online Degree Program So Attractive?
    Getting higher education at the convenience of your homes was not thought to be possible by people of older times. The internet facility has given us an approach to all those things that were thought to be impossible before. We can get quality education at our very door steps by online programs that many famous universities offer worldwide. These universities offer degree programs from bachelors to masters and even lead a student towards doctorate.
    Online university education proves to be highly effective for all those who are eager to get quality education at the convenience of their homes. The most attractive feature of online courses is that you do not need to attend classes too. The degrees offered by these universities are also very reliable and are acknowledged worldwide.

    Not Only Teachers Should Look at Online MBA Programs

    While this particular blog will post primarily on issues facing educators and teachers there are times when pointing out real options for other professionals to continue their education online will be highlighted.
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    Traditional MBA Degree Programs With a Variety of Specializations

    Earn a nationally respected MBA degree online from Florida Tech – a U.S. News & World Report-ranked Tier 1 Best National University. Choose from 10 industry-specific online MBA degrees or pursue your Master of Science in Information Technology.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA/Accounting
  • MBA/Accounting & Finance
  • MBA/Finance
  • MBA/Healthcare Management
  • MBA/Information Technology Management
  • MBA/Internet Marketing
  • MBA/Management
  • MBA/Marketing
  • MBA/Project Management
  • MS Information Technology
  • Florida Tech Distinctions

  • U.S News & World Report-ranked Tier 1 Best National University
  • Listed in Barron’s Best Buys in College Education
  • Named one of the Southeast’s best universities by Princeton Review
  • Ranked the top private university in the state of Florida by Washington Monthly
  • Teacher Unions and Preparing for the Future

    Over the past few months and the last few days there have been large headlines and many high profile fights brewing over the role of public employees and how their compensation should be measured against that of private workers. To be sure there can be valid arguments made that while a country, state, or municipality is suffering budget issues that public employees would have to make adjustments to salary, furloughs, benefit packages, or pension plans.  Teachers and other public employees will correctly say that over the past fifteen years in negotiating their contracts that concessions were made concerning short term gains in exchange for better pension plans that are now under assault. There is very little a lone teacher can do to fight against these winds of change which means that a teacher’s best option is to do the best they can to prepare for what these changes could mean to the career path they have chosen.

    For years teachers had achieved additional standing and compensation by gains a Masters Degree. In the past this was a negotiated salary increase that was built into collective bargaining agreements with the state or city. Now many teachers are considering not continuing their education because the financial payoff within their chosen career might not be realized. While this may be true with plain Masters Degrees in Education, that is not the case with teachers who get a Masters of Administration, or Masters of Curriculum and Instruction.

    Masters Degree such as these can not only prepare a teacher to prosper within the teaching profession, it also offers teachers a range of career options both within the field of education, and also in the private sector. These Masters Degrees can help teachers transfer from a classroom work environment into a many other opportunities.

    Higher education, Human Resources, Corporate Training, and even Museum Curator are all career opportunities that can become options to teachers with the correct education. This does not even include the option of moving into a more administrative role within the education field. Principal, assistant principal and other fields in the administration of public and private schools become realistic career options.

    So while the politicos and cable TV speaking heads go on and on about the future for public employees, now is not a bad time to make sure teachers prepare themselves for an uncertain future. In any other career be it technology or the law, professionals must make adjustments to changes in the market. If teaching is going to become an even less respected, and less compensated field in which to earn a living in the next few years, teachers, just like RPG programmers learned HTML and Java over the last decade will have to prepare to the changing market.

    Scholarship Available for Teachers

    If you are thinking of getting a Masters Degree why not save a few dollars?

    Dominican University, in partnership with University Alliance, is proud to announce the availability of the Bisk Foundation Teacher Education Scholarships for students newly enrolling into one of the three online Master of Arts in Education programs. Dominican’s MAEd degrees are designed for working teachers committed to gaining the skills needed to teach in today’s classroom. Bisk Foundation Teacher Education Scholarships supports the ongoing career and professional development of teachers who have already made a difference in the lives of others. Apply today!

    The Bisk Foundation Teacher Education Scholarships will award five (5) scholarships each session for one year (six sessions in the 12-month year) commencing with Fall I 2010, then again in Fall II, Spring I 2011, Spring II, Summer I and Summer II. The scholarship is valued at $435.60 per course
    , which represents 33%

    Choosing the Best Online Masters Degree

    For educators there can be the choice to get a Online Masters of Education or to maybe get an Administrative Masters. Either way finding the best option before making the investment is very important.
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    Ultimately, you must “fit” into the program you eventually select. This fit must be harmonious on all levels; academic offerings relative to your career goals, finances, and other factors must mesh. An unwise, hasty, or uninformed decision can have disastrous consequences for years to come. The relatively small efforts required to research and make the proper selection for online masters degree studies will pay off handsome long-term dividends in the end. Class dismissed
    Choosy Students Choose Carefully: The Best Online Master’s Degree for You
    When considering an online master’s degree, you need to be well-versed and have a good understanding of the many pros and cons. All online programs are not alike. Schools offering online masters degrees vary widely in quality, reputation, and course offerings. Determining the correct weight to assign these variables and defining your personal goals are the first steps